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Ballet History
According to Bland (1978) dance is the oldest of the arts. It consists of structured movement, which is the basis of all existence and like bipedalism is distinct to human beings. Prime dancing describes the simple joy of physical movement. Rhythmic movement represents a natural reaction to emotion and aesthetic dance; the highest form of movement becomes the perfect synthesis of abstract and the human mind. Matching intellect & emotion, discipline and spontaneity, aesthetic dance such as ballet combines both spirituality as well sex appeal. The aesthetics of ballet call for a long, tapered line of the leg, which is enhanced by the almost conical shape of the shoe. Dancers wear blocked slippers called toe shoes or pointe shoes in order to dance on the tips of their toes. The ballerina strives to create an illusion of weightless-ness, which is achieved by rapidly, skimming the floor, spinning and sustaining poses. Whilst ballet shoes have been described as athletic shoes made from paper and paste there remains remarkably few serious injuries found in the feet of the modern ballerinas. In an attempt to explain this phenomena the author attempts to describe the history of pointe dancing and pointe shoes.
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